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The Cultural Dilemma in the Chain of Support

Once we start seeing mental health dilemmas as issues all humans experience will we start to truly understand each other as human beings.Growing up...
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New Years and New Resolutions

Goodbye 2020, and hello 2021! Although the past year was not what anyone expected, it’s safe to say that it takes a lot of...
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Balancing Mental Health with Academic Pressure

Today, I wanted to share an interview I did recently with Arnav Gupta, a friend of mine and peer. In this interview, him and...
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Living Certain in Uncertain Times

The same boiling water that softens the potato, boils the egg. However, under all circumstances, when the water is boiling the egg for too...
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Barriers to Mental Health

Growing up, I never really understood the importance of carrying out a healthy lifestyle and promoting healthy mental health habits. I often separated mental...

Dealings of Imposter Syndrome: Do I Deserve This?

We are our ancestor’s wildest dreams. The epiphany of their achievements and everything they strived to ensure better outcomes for future generations. Many of...
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Academics, Mental Health, and Well-Being as a PoC

As many students go through finals this time of year, it is important to remember to maintain time for self-care and mental well-being. I...

Combating Mental Illness: Success Stories Part 3

Rishi: Welcome to the Alonesy blog. This post is part of the miniseries where we interview young adults suffering with mental health problems and...

Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle as a Student during COVID-19

Hi, today I would like to talk about strategies I have used to maintain a healthy lifestyle during the COVID-19 pandemic. The hardest thing...

Coping Strategies for Anxiety

Hi, my name is Sharad Mahajan, and today I would like to discuss coping strategies that I use to help with my generalized anxiety...