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Alonesy was founded in 2020 by Jack Bowers, who was a senior in high school at the time. The personal struggles that Jack encountered throughout his childhood motivated him to take action. Seeking support in today’s society is incredibly difficult due to factors such as stigma, lack of accessibility, and cost of care. Alonesy was established to rectify these issues and help teens before a crisis occurs.

You Have the Power to Help Millions of Teens Struggling in Silence


In the United States, there are millions of teenagers, and 1 out of every 5 of them are struggling with mental health, most commonly depressive episodes. Yet, for a multitude of reasons, less than 50% will seek or receive help. Stigma and lack of access, especially to quality care, are among the top reasons why teenagers are reluctant to ask for the help they need in regards to their mental health. This leaves suicide ranking as the 3rd leading cause of death in the teenage population. The teenage years are ones of transition, crucial to molding how they will live and function as adults. The consequences of not addressing the mental health of teens continue into adulthood, often affecting their ability to lead fulfilling lives

We aim to rectify these issues with Alonesy by offering virtual mentoring at absolutely no cost. Alonesy addresses stigma by offering its services in a platform that feels familiar to teens, but more anonymity than traditional services. The app is free to download and use, allowing access to anyone in need, regardless of their living or financial situation. Users will communicate with their mentor(s) on a regular, on-going basis in order to help them develop positive life and coping skills. Rather than providing help in a time of crisis, we hope to eliminate a crisis situation altogether by providing a safe and understanding space for struggling teens to talk about the struggles they are facing regularly. 


We hope that one day every child in the United States feels comfortable opening up about their emotions, thus fostering a more genuine society. It is only through collaborative efforts that this will be attained.


Alonesy aims to provide teens with support through a safe, confidential, and free online platform.


Meet Our Team

Alonesy is comprised of over 50 volunteers that allow us to achieve our mission! Here’s a bit about them:

Executive Team

Jack Bowers

Founder & Executive Director

Jack Bowers is the founder and executive director of Alonesy. Originally from Richmond, Virginia, Jack now attends Elon University in North Carolina. As a nineteen year old freshman in college, Jack brings a very unique perspective to our organization. His personal struggles as a child motivates him to do whatever possible to ensure others have access to support. As the director of Alonesy, Jack is responsible for overseeing our volunteers, board members, organizational advisors, and clinical team members. When he’s not working, you can find Jack at college where he’s a full time student pursuing a degree in entrepreneurship and psychology.

Rishikesh Kayathi

Chief Operating Officer

Rishi Kayathi recently graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles with a degree in Neuroscience and will be pursuing an MD/MBA with career aspirations to become a physician helping advance digital health.

Growing up in India, he identifies with Alonesy’s core mission of helping underprivileged teenagers combating mental health afflictions. He was appalled by the stigmatization of mental health and the lack of resources available to those affected and has since made it his mission to help those suffering from mental health illnesses. In college, he began research in novel treatment methods for depression and is currently continuing his work on tDCS.  Rishi is looking to continue his mission to destigmatize mental health and provide help to those that need it through the Alonesy platform.

When not juggling work and his various commitments, you can find Rishi shooting hoops, exploring the food/hiking scene of LA, and gaming. 

Alyssa Ashenfarb

Mentor Supervisor

Alyssa Ashenfarb is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in Manhattan. She received her Masters from Boston College and post graduate training in trauma studies and in interpersonal psychotherapy. She has a private practice with specialties in trauma, anxiety, and depression. She is dedicated to the Alonesy mission, and helping kids with the knowledge that everyone deserves connection in a way that they’re most comfortable with. 


Jake Borgida


Carina Rowe


Catherine Culp



Baker Fox


Baker Fox is a Sophomore at Georgetown University studying English, Philosophy, and Psychology. Baker has been engaged in service since a young age, volunteering at special needs orphanages in China over the course of fourteen summers. He hopes to use writing as a means to inspire people to take action and help those in need, both in their own respective communities and in the broader world. In his free time Baker enjoys playing soccer and hockey, reading/writing fiction and poetry, and playing the guitar and piano.

Christine Cruz

Blog Writer

Christine Audrey Cruz is a recent graduate from California Lutheran University where she obtained her bachelors of science in Biology. As a first generation student, she believes in creating free and accessible resources in the hopes of attaining equal and accessible education for all. Her passion for advocacy and altruism is displayed through her volunteer work and mentorships. She is pursuing a MD/MPH in the hopes of becoming a future physician. She also plans to create accessible and low cost clinics within her home country, the Philippines. In her free time she enjoys playing basketball, drawing, singing, hiking, and finding new restaurants to try out.

Krithika Selvarajoo

Blog Writer

Krit is currently a senior majoring in English and Chemistry at UMKC. As a blog writer for Alonesy, she hopes to educate and inform readers about important topics such as mental health and health equity. Some of her favorite things include coffee, scented candles, and writing. In her free time, she enjoys reading, running, and finding new places to explore around the city.

Jessica Weger

Blog Writer

Jessica Weger is pursuing a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism and Mass Communication at the University of Arizona Global Campus. Providing care for the disabled has been a lifelong journey that made Jessica strive to bring aid and awareness with her writing. She has two little boys that keep her on her toes while bringing out the fun in life. The saying “it takes a village to raise a child,” is true, but she also believes that sometimes it takes a village to be the best we can be. Jessica has a creative writing background with a published collection of poetry and desires to be the glue in piecing together stories that make a difference.

Software Development

Andrei Khramtsov

Development Team Lead

Anthony Kwan


Jay Park


Tapiwa Mahachi



Christopher Littrell

Organizational Consultant

Christopher Littrell (CJ) has been a professional in the banking world for the last fifteen years and currently resides in Clearwater, Florida.  He has a passion for community banking and a drive to help small businesses grow and flourish.  Community is important to C.J. and he volunteers for various organizations throughout the Tampa Bay area. 

C.J. was drawn to Alonesy because of his interest in mentoring young people and promoting mental health awareness.  C.J. has seen first-hand how important connection with someone to talk to can greatly benefit those struggling with depression or anxiety, as well as those who just feel lonely from time to time.  His wide array of interests from sports, to comic books, to all forms of music and theater allow for easy connections to occur with teammates and mentees.

John Patton

Organizational Consultant

Brian Daniels

Organizational Consultant

Ian Newton

Organizational Consultant & Board Member

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