Being a student comes with a lot of pressure and challenges. There seems to be an endless amount of papers that professors expect to be done with the utmost perfection. The stress builds as the due date nears, and you’re left praying for a miracle to pass the class. But there are plenty of programs to ease your worry. With technology’s innovations, you can access free assistance and a helping hand for all of your written assignments. 

  1. Grammarly: A tool that scans your documents for error-free and quality content. An extension can be added onto your internet browser, Google Docs, and Microsoft Word for ease of editing. Most universities will offer a premium subscription for free with your assigned school email!
  2. Hemingway App: A writing application that detects where you need to narrow your text for clearer material. The editor supplies you with a readability score, and the object of this application is to shorten your long, complex sentences for easier comprehension.
  3. Guide2Write: A guide for understanding how to format your references adequately. The site offers formatting examples for all styles implemented across any university. A reference list allows readers to locate your source for more information and supplies credit to the author. Accuratecite is a similar tool that can be used instead of Guide2Write. Crediting your source is extremely important as it not only avoids plagiarism but also adds validity and support to your argument. 
  4. Writing Ocean: Their site motto is being the one-stop shop for all writing resources. There are a plethora of tools you can access on this platform and 23 different categories to help guide your way to success. From dictionaries to grammar and punctuation to English and to accessing courses on the side, you have so many beneficial features right at your fingertips. 
  5. Cold Turkey: A program that values the essence of time. Writing a paper is hard enough, and a hundred distractions we can experience while trying to tend to our studies increase the difficulty exponentially. This app allows the user to block websites, applications, and games for solid moments to think and get some work done. No more endless scrolling and binge-watching. Time to put the pedal to the metal and grind for that A! 
  6. Purdue OWL: A writing lab that supplies resources and material to assist with your written communication. There are many topics to choose from that enhance your paper. This is an excellent tool for outlining as there is an entire section on how to organize your essay and jump over the writer’s block hurdle. 
  7. REF-N-WRITE: Having trouble with properly wording your sentence? This site provides you with an opportunity to check out different sentence formats with various wording suggestions. Ideas and paraphrasing made easy! 

There are many more tools that you can use for free, and even better ones with a low-cost fee. Don’t go at your homework alone—let the mass amount of applications help you learn and grow along your educational journey while still upholding academic integrity.


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