Five months after the start of quarantine, I finally got a haircut.  Over the time at home, my usually short hair had slowly gotten longer and longer, to the point where it would get in my eyes.  

Over the course of quarantine I had slowly withdrawn into myself.  Away from the social interactions I was used to at college, it became more challenging for me to remember how I would usually act with people my age, or anyone besides my own family for that matter.  The thing is, something so simple as a haircut can make you feel like a new person.  In my case, getting a haircut reminded me of my old self, the person I was when interacting with people.  

This is not to say that I, or anyone else for that matter, is truly changed by something like a haircut.  However, I think that there is value in the simple changes you can make in your life.  Sometimes it is a haircut, but it can be other things as well.  I like to try cooking a new type of food, changing my phone background, altering the orientation of furniture in my room, and a million other tiny things that somehow make me more conscious of who I am.  

In these times of lethargic monotony, sometimes all you need is an inciting moment to change things up.  Whether it is getting a haircut or wearing a pair of shoes you haven’t touched in a while, I would urge anybody who feels weighed down by the tedium of pandemic life to try something new, no matter how basic and simple that thing may be.  

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Baker Fox is a Sophomore at Georgetown University studying English, Philosophy, and Psychology. Baker has been engaged in service since a young age, volunteering at special needs orphanages in China over the course of fourteen summers. He hopes to use writing as a means to inspire people to take action and help those in need, both in their own respective communities and in the broader world. In his free time Baker enjoys playing soccer and hockey, reading/writing fiction and poetry, and playing the guitar and piano.


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