“There are no mistakes in art,” my father would always say, “art is art.” He was a custodian for an Elementary school in California, and would often ask his supervisor if he could bring me home some crayons, pencils and paper. I remember sitting in the living room or on the front porch observing my surroundings. I began drawing, my artwork mimicking the world around me. Drawing was not only relaxing, but it also gave me the chance to see life from a new perspective. I found beauty in all that life had to offer, and, in return, I started to find beauty within myself. 

This appreciation for art carried on throughout my life, and as I got older, art became a method of healing. Art gave me an outlet that I desperately needed. It redirected my tormenting thoughts into a brighter, more positive outlook. In a time where the word ‘mistake’ could have been my middle name, I relished in knowing that my creativity within art could do no wrong. 

Subjecting your frustrations, anger and sadness to a creative outlet is therapeutic. Nerves begin to calm, and weights start to lift. Negative emotions drain, and clarity sinks in. Your masterpiece may be fueled by darkness, but the spark tends to erupt into an alluring light–a light of truth and realness that turns into a journey of acceptance and self-love.

Besides being a form of therapy, art is also rewarding. Proudness can swarm within. Achievement is a satisfying factor that art provides. One of the best feelings after spending numerous hours on a single design is admiring the finished product. It is also gratifying to see the qualities and skills you inhibit–no matter the artwork you create. Often enough, all it takes to feel proud is accomplishing a single task. The best part of art is that it’s an investment of yourself.  It is time and energy that make everything worthwhile. Too much time will pass where we forget to spend valuable moments properly delving into hobbies, passions, and our creative nature. It is vital to prioritize your schedule to meet these needs and do so in a way that aids in personal growth.

This artistic growth takes zero socializing. You do not have to communicate your feelings or concerns. Art allows you to focus on yourself in a way where you can safely share your deepest emotions. It is a growth within yourself that you do not have to explain or show the world. You do not have to hide or fake who you are. Art supplies you with a chance to be yourself and learn to love the artist behind beautiful creations where one day you will feel comfortable painting yourself in the spotlight of your life. 

There are no limits with creativity – only limitations that you set for yourself. Let your mind run wild and free, and remember there are no mistakes in art.


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