I recently came across a post on instagram that said, “I feel like I’m constantly worrying about the next part of life without realizing that I’m right in the middle of what I used to look forward to.” This post really made me reflect about the past couple of years of my life, and how far I’ve come; within the past year I’ve graduated from college, started a full time job, and am working towards the future I want as a physician. I haven’t really taken the time to appreciate the hard work I’ve put in or taken the time to look back at my accomplishments because I’ve been so preoccupied about my future, and making every second of my twenties count. I think a lot of people are in a similar position as I am, where they achieve something, celebrate it for a second, then move onto the next task. Maybe it shouldn’t be that way. 

As a society, we generally like to move at a fast pace, never taking the time to stop and smell the roses. Generally, we have our days planned out by the minute, breakfast at 4:30am, drive to work by 5:15am, work till 4:30pm, drive home and repeat. This routine cycle, although is comforting, doesn’t give us the reflection we need to have about our lives, after all life is what we make of it. It also seems like when you complete something, you’re always looking forward to the next step and how you can outdo the accomplishment. Now I’m not saying to completely abandon the plans or routines you have to achieve your goals, but make sure to take the time and appreciate what you’ve made out of your life. These are the moments you used to look forward to, give it meaning. 

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Christine Audrey Cruz is a recent graduate from California Lutheran University where she obtained her bachelors of science in Biology. As a first generation student, she believes in creating free and accessible resources in the hopes of attaining equal and accessible education for all. Her passion for advocacy and altruism is displayed through her volunteer work and mentorships. She is pursuing a MD/MPH in the hopes of becoming a future physician. She also plans to create accessible and low cost clinics within her home country, the Philippines. In her free time she enjoys playing basketball, drawing, singing, hiking, and finding new restaurants to try out.


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