As a kid, I dreamed of becoming a doctor-lawyer-basketball player. Despite it not being a realistic mixture of career choices, I was like every other kid in the world dreaming about the endless possibilities of what I could be in the future. Naive, yeah I know. It’s childish too. But maybe I had a point to these mixture of career choices. As we grow older, we find ourselves becoming less naive and find ourselves settling down when things get too comfortable. Now, I’m not saying there is something wrong with finding comfort in where you are in life, but we can still exceed the limits that we’ve created in our heads. We can still be the person that the younger version of ourselves is proud of. Our full potential isn’t reached in a day, weeks, or months even, but it takes an entire lifetime. 

There are ways we can work towards this goal of reaching our potential. Keep in mind that I say this as a 23 year old having experienced just a small glimpse of life, but these are the words I live by, and try to carry throughout my life. 

  1. Be your most authentic self. 

It may be hard to disregard fads but stay true to yourself.

  1. Be open to trying new things out. 

You have only lived a small part of your life and may have not found out what you are passionate about. You can’t do this until you broaden your likes and dislikes. Who knows, you might even learn more about yourself. 

  1. Know yourself. 

You should understand what it is you want to achieve and continuously work towards that goal.

  1. Disregard what others have to say about you. 

Stay true to your goal and who you are. 

  1. Hold true to your values. 

Understand what it is you truly value in your life and stand by those characteristics. 

This list is small, but there’s more to being the best version of yourself. I still have a lot to learn, and more to add on to the list as I grow. Reach for the stars, you might just get there and be the version of you your younger self would be proud of!

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Christine Audrey Cruz is a recent graduate from California Lutheran University where she obtained her bachelors of science in Biology. As a first generation student, she believes in creating free and accessible resources in the hopes of attaining equal and accessible education for all. Her passion for advocacy and altruism is displayed through her volunteer work and mentorships. She is pursuing a MD/MPH in the hopes of becoming a future physician. She also plans to create accessible and low cost clinics within her home country, the Philippines. In her free time she enjoys playing basketball, drawing, singing, hiking, and finding new restaurants to try out.


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