Pink bullet journal for the Soul

“What are your quarantine hobbies?” 

“Journaling,” I exclaimed. 

I began journaling during quarantine last year around May 2020, otherwise known to me as the first part of quarantine. For me, the morale was low and life was a bit confusing. Although it had been a few months since quarantine started, I was still lost in life. As a newly graduate from college and unemployed, my emotions and feelings were hard to handle. On top of that the pandemic was still kind of new-ish and the Black Lives Matter protests heightened. It was like there was an uneasy tension around the country. So I thought, what better time to journal and talk about my thoughts and emotions about what is going on and around the world. 

At first, it didn’t seem familiar. For anyone that knows me, I’m not one to really express and talk about my emotions and feelings–being vulnerable is not exactly easy for me. 

However, journaling became an escape to these problems. At first I monotonously detailed the days of early quarantine and the hopes I had for the future, but later on as my writing developed, I began to discuss more in depth ideas and thoughts. With my writing, I became creative with my pink bullet journal and added photos and drawings. Rather as a task, it became a resource to me. Now looking back at my old entries, it’s interesting to see how far I’ve come and how much more room there is for growth.  

Now I get it, actually physically writing down your feelings and emotions seems daunting but by no time it becomes familiar and therapeutic. At first, I was writing about day to day activities and feelings but as time passed I started to write about different prompts I had seen throughout tiktok videos and pinterest posts. If you want to start journaling here are a few prompts that are mental health related and help you figure out your thoughts and emotions in a deeper sense:

  1. Talk about your day: this may seem monotonous but it’s always good to highlight your accomplishments for the day or just talk about how you felt. 
  2. Talk about what you’re grateful for: sometimes we don’t fully realize all the things we’re grateful for, so journaling can be a space where you can write it out and list them down. This list never really ends as you go through your life so it’s nice to  reminisce and be thankful of what you have. 
  3. Write about the people that inspire you: I think this can be a daunting task but one day you’ll realize that the characteristics of those people are also seen within yourself. 

Happy journaling! 🙂

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