Goodbye 2020, and hello 2021! Although the past year was not what anyone expected, it’s safe to say that it takes a lot of courage and tenacity to withstand such a challenging year. Despite the challenges, the new year seems promising and is sure to bring in more positivity. With the new year, comes stresses of new year’s resolutions with questions like-“will I be a better person? Or should I say, how can I be a better person, what goals do I want to achieve for the year, and in what ways can I practice them?” Personally, I love tracking these goals on my notes app and in my journal so I can easily access them and remind myself of all the positive things I want to achieve. If you’re feeling crafty, then try a dream board, it helps put into perspective what can be done and what is possible for you. Within my new year’s resolutions, I listed the following: being a more understanding friend, being mentally present within all the organizations I participate in, and continuing to introduce mental health practices throughout my day. These mental health practices include:

  1. Talking more kindly of myself. You could practice this by preaching positive affirmations and actually believing in them. Practicing this can be done by rewording negative thoughts into more positive thoughts and incorporating them into your dialogue. 
  2. Prioritizing myself and my needs. As someone who puts a lot on her plate, I understand what it’s like to be busy and feel stressed about not having enough time for myself. A way to navigate this is having a journal and tracking tasks and prioritizing things needed to be done but also highlight days where you can relax and pursue your hobbies. 
  3. Not being too hard on myself. I often find critique to be a good indicator of how I’m doing in my work and my projects. However, I believe that understanding the hard work you put in helps a lot with the critique. 
  4. Striving to be the person I want to be. All of these mental health practices tie in together. In order for me to be the best person I can be, I would need to practice these mental health skills and incorporate them within my daily life. At an even bigger scale, you can see how you can incorporate these skills within the goals of your year, and even within your career goals. Lastly, my plan for the year is to pursue more of my hobbies that I enjoy such as basketball, painting, hiking, and singing. I believe that not losing yourself throughout the process is crucial, as well as understanding the meaning behind the things that you do. 

These tasks might seem daunting at first, but then again it’s only day 3 of the year. By the end of it, you’ll see how much you’ve grown as an individual and you’ll realize how much you have accomplished. Things will get easier. Remember it’s your year, and make the best out of your 2021!

Blog Post by Christine Audrey Cruz


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