Breaking the comfort zone is the hallmark of progression and growth, but we must always keep a balance between progression towards our goals and the timing it takes to make these dreams possible and plausible.

In my freshmen year of college, my sister came up with the idea that we all craft vision boards and hang them up in our rooms as a testament to always chase our dreams. Seeing that we all had ongoing hardships, it was a glaring reminder to remain dedicated and determined to never set the bar low when it came to accomplishing our goals. Enthusiastically, I set all my goals and listed them on the board: good grades, acceptance into my top medical school, financial success (to a point I could fully support my parents), my dream cars, and any other lifelong goals. I woke up every morning with my eyes meeting the board as I would get up and get ready to start my day. As time went on, I saw myself meeting these goals, while being miles away from the others. It seemed like although I have been working hard toward these goals, they still seemed so far out of reach. Over the summer, I had family visiting from the east coast, my older cousin and his wife to be exact. I courteously offered them my room for a couple days. When they left, I saw a small message at the bottom of my vision board that read “Add some time to your goals and everything will become possible”. I looked at the message then looked up at the dreams I set. I became so fixated on achievements that I seemed to forget about the journey, the path I took to get there. Although I achieved some of these goals, I became fixed on reaching my next goals, and doing that as quickly as I could. In doing so, I seemed to forget to enjoy the path I was on and acknowledge the growth I’ve seen since I started the board itself.

In this board lies a lesson. The lesson was not to limit yourself; never set limits on what you set yourself to achieve. Rather, enjoy the process and the steady growth you’ve accomplished since the time you started and where you currently stand. Although you may feel distant from your bigger dreams, each and every small accomplishment is a foundational step in the journey to pursue your “ultimate” dreams. With that mindset, you see each small accomplishment as a pillar of progression and ultimate growth to strive and be your best self. 

Blog Post by Nathan Delacth

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Nathan Delacth is a recent graduate from California Lutheran University where he majored in Biology. He plans to attend medical school where he can pursue an MD/MPH in hopes of serving his community and joining the small but growing number of Black physicians in the medical field. Growing up with immigrant parents from Cape Verde meant two identities in countries he both called home. As an American, his desire to uplift the communities that helped him become the person he is means actively fighting longstanding healthcare inequalities plaguing African American communities while joining the growing 5% of Black physicians in the US. As a Cape Verdean, conscious of the tribulations and widespread poverty, his goal to establish clinics on the island of Fogo means residents will have access to basic healthcare regardless of financial status. Making resources accessible to those who need them the most has always been at the forefront of his efforts to strive for progression. In his free time, he enjoys playing soccer with friends, spearfishing in Malibu, and mentoring others in options trading.


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