Ever heard the saying, “I can’t get a job without experience, but I can’t get experience without a job?” Well, this is a common situation for many joining the workforce. Finding a job outside of High School is challenging. Employers want to know that you are an ideal candidate. How are you supposed to show you are up for the job without a college degree or your foot through the door? Often enough, companies are reluctant to hire an individual even with an undergraduate degree if they do not have adequate experience. 

Here are some helpful tips that will land you a great position:

Obtain Certifications

Alison offers many certifications and degrees completely free. You can share your achievement through LinkedIn or add it to your resume. These courses are excellent resources for not only your future employer to see but also for yourself. You will gain basic knowledge and extensive skills that can be used in all aspects of life. The only downside is you would have to pay for a digital or printed copy of your certificate upon completion. But it isn’t necessary to have as much as being able to put the degree on your resume. Plus, Alison has a mobile app, so you can learn anywhere at any time to finish as quickly as possible!

  • Udemy
    Udemy is another option to obtain certificates in specific areas. However, most of these courses are not free. The fee is still better than most of the other online courses that charge. Udemy will typically range between $15 to $26.   
  • Lynda

Lynda is another certification website you must pay for, but the costs are incredibly reasonable, like Udemy. The monthly fee is $40, and a typical sale that happens is getting your first month free. Lynda has recently become affiliated with LinkedIn Learning, which is a bonus for showing off your achievements directly on your LinkedIn profile! 

Online Education

There are plenty of other options available such as obtaining your degree without attending a traditional University. Udacity has a $400 fee per month for almost all its programs. Coursera can be pretty costly, but some programs offer financial aid if you are going in for a degree from an accredited university. EdX is similar to Udacity, with a standard $596 charge per professional certificate and $998 for their micro degrees. 

However, all these pay-to-learn organizations do offer specific courses for free! There might only be a handful of free certifications, but if you take the time to browse, you might find a perfect fit for your future. Another great resource is checking out various university websites such as Harvard. You can find a hidden gem for free if you dig far enough! 

Create a Portfolio

Market yourself! Design a free website that correlates who you are and what you can do. Express your many skills. Showcase various talents. Allow your employer to click the link and enter a wonderland of you. Check out Wix, Weebly, and WordPress, and get started on promoting yourself to the world! 

Internships and Volunteer Work

Interning or volunteering adds ample experience to your resume. These avenues aid in learning the ins and outs of your chosen career field to bring value to your future employer. You can look up internships on LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, and on many more job forums. There are plenty of internship opportunities for Juniors and Seniors in High School and college! Most internships don’t pay, but if you look hard enough, you’ll be able to find some that do! 


You’re going to want to set up a LinkedIn profile. Begin delving into connections by not being afraid to add people in your dream career field and individuals you do not know. You will find that others will begin requesting a connection with you with zero ties. The ability to network is a bonus point for employers. Also, LinkedIn offers LinkedIn Learning! Another avenue to obtaining beneficial skills and experience for your future!


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