Let’s face it, life is thrilling yet exhausting–and sometimes it’s hard to look at the bright side. At times your responsibilities add up and you lose sight of why you do it. This struggle has definitely challenged me throughout school and life. Even now as a fresh graduate starting my career, I still question my ability to follow through with my dreams and aspirations–yet I continue to recognize what battles I have overcome and what I have to offer in my future. Despite the struggle of it all, it’s important to notice these small achievements and celebrate them as small wins. Recognizing these small wins can help take the stress away from achieving your ultimate goal. It can also allow you to view these assignments and tasks in a more positive light and allow you to have a more positive mindset about your purpose. All in all, it can help improve your mental health. 

So you might ask, “what is a small win?” Well, the term “small win” is used to describe a complete, implemented outcome. This doesn’t sound so appealing and helpful; however, when you string together a list of small wins, you’ll start to notice how much closer you are to achieving your goals. Let’s take highschool for example, freshman year you start with introductory english, math, science, and language courses. At the time you don’t think much of these introductory classes but at the end of high school you start to notice how that became the foundation of your knowledge. It also leads to you having your degree by the end of senior year. It’s these small, maybe even insignificant, tasks that allows you to achieve these goals of yours. 

Sometimes society gets caught up in the bigger picture and we forget to praise these small outcomes that lead us here. At times, these small wins might even seem silly and insignificant, but they are what leads us to having big successes and achievements. Society also puts pressure on achieving success and moving on quickly after celebrating the success. Breaking down it to small wins helps you rewire your brain’s definition of success. Recognizing the small wins and defining it as a positive, good outcome allows you to activate your reward circuit. The reward circuit then allows you to continue to be more motivated and have a positive outlook on your minimal tasks. Remember to celebrate these small victories, give yourself a break sometimes, and enjoy what life has to offer.

Blog Post by Christine Cruz

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Christine Audrey Cruz is a recent graduate from California Lutheran University where she obtained her bachelors of science in Biology. As a first generation student, she believes in creating free and accessible resources in the hopes of attaining equal and accessible education for all. Her passion for advocacy and altruism is displayed through her volunteer work and mentorships. She is pursuing a MD/MPH in the hopes of becoming a future physician. She also plans to create accessible and low cost clinics within her home country, the Philippines. In her free time she enjoys playing basketball, drawing, singing, hiking, and finding new restaurants to try out.


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